Energy Purchasing

Energy Purchasing

Energy Purchasing is a whole ball-game unto itself and it is not something I do personally although I accept that it is a vital and useful way of saving money – when it is done appropriately.

Energy Purchasing can be fraught with danger

A word of caution – the water is full of sharks.

Energy Contract Negotiation

If you are anything like me the moment someone calls you and starts to talk about electricity prices – “oh yeah we can save you money on your bills”,  or the classic “I’m not trying to sell you anything, but…..” or worse still “my name is Hamish” when it is clearly not.  It’s all a bit pathetic really.  Of course we all want to save money but frankly the way that most companies involved in this market go about it just puts customers off.

I have steered clear of energy purchasing completely due to this lack of credibility, lack of customer interest, but I have been introduced to one organisation that definitely does it right – ethical traders called Utilitrack – and this is the only referral I will make in this respect.

Why do I refer my clients to them?  Simple – the service is without cost to the end-user.  You will never pay Utilitrack a penny.  They earn their money on a flat fee basis from all suppliers and therefore do not have an axe to grind on anyone’s behalf – meaning they will always get the best deal possible for you because they are all the same to them.

The Problem

The contracts to supply gas, electricity and telephone services to businesses are unlike those you are offered at home. 

The contracts have a longer term, the rules about changing suppliers and the prices you pay are based on commercial deals not on consumer law, and having an established relationship with the suppliers is critical.

The Solution

Utilitrack negotiate on your behalf directly with the energy and telephone suppliers. In simple terms, they will look at your bills and invite the suppliers to tender for your business and then manage the process of setting up a new contract. 

Since Utilitrack manage the contract, the rates available are almost always significantly better than the supplier will offer you if you go directly to them.


  • Utilitrack are independent from all UK suppliers, but have excellent relationships with all of them. 
  • Utilitrack has the buying power to negotiate the best rates for you, based on your individual needs. 
  • Utilitrack work for you, not the suppliers, and manage the renewal and renegotiation for you. 
  • Utilitrack software solutions provides a superb tool for managing your contracts and is available to you online.