Marching On Together – I Love Leeds United

Bielsa – ok – have to confess total ignorance – done some Googling and yeah he looks like he is the biz.  Certainly the Stoke and Derby matches got my juices running.

I have not seen Leeds play like that since – err not sure actually – wowzer – exciting, pressing, high line, quick to recover a lost ball – to a flippin’ man – oh yeah.

It’s obv way too early to get excited but heck I am very very excited.  Bring on Swansea tonight and Norwich at the weekend – oh yeah – bring it on.

Don’t talk about the “bucket” – WTF is that all about – who gives a flying @~@+!!!!  If it works sit on it all season matey boy.

KEEEEEEEEEEMARRR!  You are the man.  Kalvin – Luke – Bailley – Pablo – heck the whole lot – get in and give us 5 in a row…..MOT