Marching On Together

Another disappointing season for Leeds United.  Mid-table mediocrity.  I managed to get down to a couple of games – both of which we won btw – clearly I am some sort of good luck charm.

Paul Heckingbottom – jury’s out.  he says lots of good stuff but I don’t know if he’s the man to actually lift us up – I’ll refrain from say “where we belong” ‘cos we don’t at the moment.

I liked Gary Monk – I was sad he left – there it is – in the open.

Andrea Radrizanni – seem’s to be ambitious – did the right thing in taking Elland Road back into club ownership – seems to value the Academy – seeking new investors – all good.  Just got to hope his new investors don’t include some crazy dictator from Myanmar seeking to launder ill-gotten-gains.  

Let’s hope next season sees a sensible shuffling of the decks, a cull of the dead wood, some spine being injected into the defence and some front players who will actually challenge for the ball instead of just waiting for it to fall of their feet – that does not include Kemar ‘cos he’s proper class I reckon.  Thanks for re-signing Pablo – great decision.