External Lighting

Traditionally we have used a variety of “discharge” fittings to spot- and floodlight our external spaces – so here we are talking about:

  • halogen spots rated from 100W upwards really with most common being the 125W with motion sensor available from £20 at major DIY stores for example
  • 70W sodium bulkheads
  • sodium fittings (low pressure and high pressure SON / SOX) which often provide that horrid yellow / orange colour light
  • larger SON and Metal Halide fittings from 250W – 400W for car-parks, loading bays, and so forth
  • larger still floods, 1000-2000W, mostly sodium I believe for sports facilities (5-a-side, stadia, very high stanchions in car-parks, airports etc)
  • street lighting – where the arry of fixtures and fittings is frankly bewildering

Without exception these fittings can now be replaced with more energy efficient luminaires and most of these are centred on the good old LED – which in turn means that not everything in the garden is rosy ‘cos there is some real rubbish on the market.