External Lighting

External Lighting

External lighting is used by most of my clients to illuminate car-parks, yards, buildings, personnel walk-ways etc. 

I am pleased to say that the LED floodlight is now popping up all over the place and to extremely good effect.

In all honesty even the cheap and cheerful stuff is pretty blummin’ good.

Kosnic LED floodlight with microwave sensor - external lighting

My preference is for the Kosnic range as shown above – complete with microwave sensor.

These LED floodlights make ideal replacements for energy-hungry halogen lighting. 

The microwave sensor has a strong anti-interference capacity to prevent nuisance switching in breezes and light rain and has two sensitivity levels.

Mainly however I like it because it is very slim, very low energy and very well priced.

I can procure these wee beasties at very special prices so if you are interested give me a call – 01466 751411