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Save Energy Save Money - this has been my business mantra since inception of the company over 25 years ago - and yes it has been hijacked and yes I wish I had patented it at the time!!!

I am totally committed to helping businesses reduce their energy burden and carbon emissions - and hey if they can save some money and become more profitable / competitive by so doing then win win.

I am an RPEC member, MEI Chartered Energy Manager, CIBSE LCC and currently contracted to Resource Efficient Scotland as a Technical Consultant (providing site support to Scottish businesses).  I am also an ESOS Lead Assessor and ISO50001 Lead Auditor.  Not sure what it is worth but I have also been awarded Mastership and Professional Membership of European Energy Centre.

As a Non-Domestic Energy Assessor (NDEA) I provide commercial EPCs and Section 63 assessments and I am also a Non-Domestic Green Deal Advisor which is useful given recent changes to iSBEM in Scotland.

Big interest in commercial lighting - constantly researching and learning about this exciting and rapidly developing field - working closely with many manufacturers of top-end equipment (lighting and controls) here in the UK, I am able to provide full lighting design schemes for any type of property.

Also into Air Source Heat Pumps as one of the most cost effective renewable technologies, working with UK based suppliers to offer heating optimized air to air systems - in other words not air conditioning but dedicated space heating - because let's face it there are only around 20 days a year when most buildings need cooling if we are lucky.

I am in business to save you energy and money.  You will find my trading Terms and Conditions here.



Laboratory Technican
Thames Water Authority
September 1981 — June 1982

Responsible for the Microbiological and some Chemical testing of potable water supplies to ensure safety to the public. Some public relations work, some research work into manganese slime found in boreholes - this was my 3rd year at college in Industrial Placement.

Marine Biologist
A.U.M.S Ltd
January 1983 — September 1985 | Aberdeen University

Joined AUMS to do Benthic Monitoring of the shoreline between Aberdeen and Wick to assess the impact of the offshore oil industry on the natural environment. Also worked on the development of tools to assess depth and impact of marine growth on offshore structures. Took my Offshore Survival course and became the offshore rep for the company working mainly on the Hutton TLP accompanying the platform from construction base at Nigg out to final placement in the North Sea. Worked with the dive crews to ensure accurate mapping of the marine growth on this new type of structure.

Divisional Manager
Cebo UK Ltd
1985 — 1990

Laboratory Assistant for Cebo UK Ltd running the cementitious fluids laboratory in Aberdeen. Obtained post grad qualification in the "rheology of cementitious fluids" from Oxford University. Promoted to the subsea grouting department in Sales becoming Divisional Manager. Developed the use of Cegrass - artificial seaweed to prevent of erosion around subsea structures worldwide - including, interestingly, a shipwreck offshore Australia. Recruited by Cebo International bv to develop landfill capping and lining using natural clay products covering Scotland & Ireland until made I was made redundant (along with many of my colleagues - where are you all now I wonder?) in late 1990.

Energy Consultant
The Carbon Trust (Scotland)
2004 — April 2013 | Scotland

I was one of the longest serving Energy Consultants with the Carbon Trust having also provided consultancy for the preceding scheme Action Energy. I have well over 100 clients for the Carbon Trust and have completed more than 200 site surveys for this client base over the years. I am on the Loans Verification team and the Accreditation panel. I have also taken two new Consultants through the Mentoring scheme to full accreditation status. Sadly the service has now run its course - we shall have to see what the new RESASS which replaces it has to offer.

2011-03-01 — 2013-03-01

Holistic industrial / commercial energy surveys

Energy Consultant
Stewart King Environmental Engineers Ltd
Janurary 1991 — Present

RPEC accredited Energy Consultant contracted to Resource Efficient Scotland to provide industrial and commercial energy surveys. Previously contracted to the Carbon Trust and before that Action Energy - I've been doing this now for more than 22 years. Specialist energy management training - for company staff to raise awareness of energy matters and for engineers to enable in-house surveys to be performed. Turn-key services - not just telling you what to do but providing tangible solutions to implement meaningful recommendations for energy saving. Lighting design / Heating design / EPC's / Renewables.

ISO 50001 Lead Auditor
Stewart King Environmental Engineers Ltd
March 2016 — Present | No geographic restrictions

I have just completed my 5-day ISO 50001 Lead Auditor training course and am now looking up my auditing portfolio so that I can move from Provisional status to full blown Lead Auditor.

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University of Hertfordshire
B.Sc. Hons 2.1 Applied Biology

BSc Hons Applied Biology (specialising in Industrial Microbiology / Microbiology / Marine Biology)

Wise Group – Asset Skills
Diploma in Green Deal

Non-Domestic Green Deal Assessor Accreditation


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