Low energy electric panel heaters

Low Energy Electric Panel Heaters

Heater ECO_2000D_MR 500D MIRROR UP DOWN LIGHTER ECO1000D_Horiz_Stainless

Imagine an electric panel heater with a 1000W element controlled electronically to give a surface temperature of 70°C and an output of 800 watts. Ultra low running costs, ultra slim design.

Now imagine this heater as part of an integrated system controlled remotely (wirelessly!) via an easy to use hand-held programmer capable of providing individual room time and temperature settings.

Imagine a system so sophisticated that the integrated control within a particular heater maintains not only the temperature of the heater surface but communicates with the remote programmer to control the room temperature.

Perhaps the heaters come in a wide variety of sizes and finishes (white powder coated, mirror, brushed steel for example) and also outputs (150W up to 2kW for instance)? Maybe the range includes IP44 bathroom heaters – with optional towel rails or in the form of ladder towel rails? A range complete with skirting board heaters, whisper quiet fan assisted units, low surface temperature variants (for sensitive occupants), corner units, ceiling mounted units…

Perhaps a flock of pigs has just flown by?

No – you have just stumbled on ECOLEC – British made and designed – ultra brilliant electric heaters.

Ecolec is one of a number of low energy electric heating systems but I have focused on this one because it is British and frankly I like to fly the flag whenever possible.

The heaters can be supplied with a matt / brushed aluminium or mirror finish (and there are bathroom versions with towel rails) and they are all wirelessly operated using the clever wee remote control unit which offers a totally enclosed receiver, no requirement for manual switching, silent operation, simplicity of programming etc etc.

As with most of the systems featured on this website I have managed to meet with the manufacturers and obtain their agreement to sell the heaters at a discounted price to my website visitors – so if you have a house or office that you think would benefit from this type of heating feel free to contact me and we can discuss your needs.  

Check out the prices on the company website:  www.ecolec.co.uk     and then come back to me for a discounted deal.

A Typical ECOLEC Project – The Hairstyle Company, Droitwich

Hairdressers Hairdressers

When senior partner, Joseph Warne at the Hairstyle Company in Droitwich planned their new salon from scratch, one of his priorities was to ensure that an even, comfortable heating system was paramount – he turned to ECOLEC.The Hairstyle Company

The smooth clean lines of the salon “demanded” a stylish yet efficient system. From clients having their hair dried to clients with wet hair, it was important that all should feel comfortable in the salon’s environment. Large full height mirrors were installed and the ECOLEC electric radiant convector heating system complemented the new interior. Measuring approximately 2000mm high by 500mm wide and only 30mm deep these panels were also finished in the same paint colour as the salon walls.

Joseph Warne said, “We had heard of these space-saving radiant heater panels and of how economical and efficient they were to run, so we contacted ECOLEC . Their engineers visited the salon to plan the installation and advise us of our needs”. He went on to say, “Room was paramount and we did not want an ugly boiler installed to be tucked away out of sight. We also needed to have precise control of the salon’s room temperature”. Can You Spot The Heaters?

With the unrivalled quality of the ECOLEC system the salon is able to control the ambient temperature with up to six four-hour settings all working from one “off-the-shelf” thermostat. The panels reach a surface temperature of 70 degrees centigrade making them a safe alternative to traditional “wet system” radiators, a truly ideal choice for architects and builders who want to ensure that the heating systems they are specifying and installing conforms to current legislation.

Joseph said, ” With the different days of opening at the salon we needed a heating system that was easy to control and set and the ECOLEC panel heaters certainly provide this. We now have plans to redevelop our other salons incorporating the ECOLEC system which is certainly attractive looking and very user friendly”.

He summed up by saying, ” Many of our clients do not realise that the panels are the heating system. They think it is an interior design feature”.