Ceiling Mounted Electric Long Wave Radiant Panels

The perceived wisdom is that using electricity to heat your property is expensive – and of course grid electricity can be very costly.  I’ve seen clients bills with peak rate p/kWh rates from 7p to 19p so if you do have to heat electrically it is clear that ensuring your systems are efficient is very important.  

A lot of electric heaters can be described as efficient – for example, a radiant heater might well be 100% efficient as there may be no losses whatsoever – however, efficiency isn’t everything – the key element to using electric heating is what we call “energy effectiveness”. 

2 bar fire

Some of the more effective systems I have specified and had installed into clients properties were ceiling mounted long wave radiant panels and strips which replicate the output of the sun to provide gentle comfort where conventional systems struggle, for example, churches, school halls, shops with open doors – anywhere that heating the volume of air is not sensible.  These heaters operate at surface temperatures in excess of 300oC and can effectively heat occupants between 4 – 18m below mounting height.  Heaters range from 1kW up to 3.6kW.

dinton_church4  PIC00010

The systems are also capable of providing very gentle warmth when installed as low surface temperature panels (operating at 70-90oC) which is why I have used them for offices, nursery schools, nursing homes, primary schools and the like.  Some examples are shown below.  These heaters are generally 300W or 600W and they can be surface mounted or recessed into suspended grids.


Radiant Panel in an office ceiling  off  PC130005  PC130007  

Control over heaters is paramount to achieving “efficiency” as most people envisage it.  Control over the users of the systems, to ensure they don’t leave heaters on in empty spaces for example, or ON when windows and external doors are open, or when temperatures are up to reasonable levels but thermostats are not set appropriately.

I have many years experience in specifying these systems, determining when they are suitable and when they are not, ensuring controls are commissioned and maintained, educating occupants of the treated spaces.  If you are stuck with electricity as your energy form for space heating get in touch and let’s look at all the options available to you – I have no ties to any supplier and offer impartial, independent advice to allow informed decisions for optimum solutions.

Electricity doesn’t need to cost the earth!