Heating and Hot Water

Heating and Hot Water

In most occupied buildings heating and hot water are essential components of the energy mix.

Here in the UK I think it is fair to say that we all require comfort heating for a significant proportion of the year (28-36 week heating season depending on where you are in the UK) and many sites such as Nursing Homes require space heating potentially all year round.  Hot water of course is a year round demand on any heating system.

As a result the electricity / gas / oil / lpg / biomass dedicated to heating / hot water is a major part of many buildings energy burden.

There are so many different mechanisms with which you can heat your property that I have split this section into what I have found to be most frequently visited areas for my client base.

I hope that you find this approach useful – if nothing else it helps me get my head around the various options!

  • Boilers – so this is where I talk about the different types of boiler plant I have identified, basic details on the way they work and my thoughts on their efficiency / effectiveness 
  • Heat Pumps – an upcoming area in the world of HVAC – heat pumps have been around for ages but still seem shrouded in myth – no longer – Stewart debunks myths (I hope)
  • Electric heating – wall mounted – many buildings have no choice but to work with electric heating – here is where I talk about some systems I have found and like / dislike
  • Electric Heating – ceiling mounted radiant panels – slightly different approach here – industrial / commercial “black heat” – good for churches by the way
  • Industrial heating – no link here yet  work in progress
  • Radiators – a wee bit about how to distribute heat from your boiler system effectively