Non-Domestic Green Deal

The Green Deal – much hyped and regularly dissed in the press, on TV and in a variety of social media. Why?  What is wrong with the Green Deal – if anything?

The Energy Act 2011 includes provisions for the ‘Green Deal’, which is intended to reduce carbon emissions – cost effectively – by”revolutionising” the energy efficiency of British properties.

The emphasis is firmly on the UK domestic sector because our houses are widely acknowledged to be pretty inefficient, leaky, overheated etc – as well as being inhabited by owner/occupiers who by and large don’t know how to set a time-clock or use a radiator thermostat – that is the opinion of the boffins I hasten to add – not myself.

Now anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I don’t really do domestic work but hey here’s the great news – the Green Deal is also available to businesses – although I have to be honest here – the non-domestic Green Deal is very slow to take off and there doesn’t appear to be much funding available – YET!!!!  Watch this space.

So what are the nuts and bolts of the scheme?

The Green Deal financial mechanism eliminates the need to pay upfront for energy efficiency measures and instead the cost of the measures is covered by savings on the electricity bill.  There is even a golden rule which states that “the expected financial savings must be equal to or greater than the costs attached to the energy bill” – in other words the theory is that you are never out of pocket, your energy efficiency measure pays for itself completely out of the savings made and once it has been paid for you own it.

The golden rule has already been amended!!! Now it reads – “the expected energy savings must outweigh the cost of any improvements for the loan to be given”.

A limit has also now been set of maximum £10,000 for any home. Nonetheless the “pay as you save” idea is a good one that I commend.  

This limit will not apply to businesses.

“When it is introduced, the Green Deal will be as easy as ABC by making work affordable, providing bespoke independent advice and choice in the market from well-known and trusted high street names” – so said Chris Huhne when he was Energy and Climate Change Secretary. Hmm – let’s just wait and see how many Green Deals have been taken up in a couple of years to judge the effectiveness of the measure.

Why am I involved?  Well, I have trained and accredited as a non-domestic Green Deal Advisor because:

  • currently in order to qualify for RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) for your business you must have a Green Deal assessment carried out
  • in order to qualify for a Resource Efficient Scotland interest free loan you must have a Green Deal Assessment carried out
  • I believe that the scheme has long term potential and that eventually my faith will be rewarded with a flurry of high value commissions to carry out Green Deal Assessments

To date I have completed Green Deal Assessments for Capulford Dogs (Methlick), the Gordon Arms Hotel (Huntly), James Dun House (Aberdeen), Miele’s of Forres, Motive Offshore, Pitmedden Public Hall and the Cowdray Club (a Nursing Home in Aberdeen) – so there is work out there for a hard working Green Deal Assessor and if you want to give me some more work please feel free – because I regret to advise that I will not be retiring to the beach shown below any time soon based on the Green Deal workload so far – sigh!

greendeal Stewart won;t be retiring to this island anytime soon!