Resource Efficient Scotland

Resource Efficient Scotland

The Scottish Government is committed to helping business become more energy efficient by directly funding Resource Efficient Scotland to whom I am contracted as a Technical Consultant.

What can Resource Efficient Scotland / Stewart King do for your business?

So, you run or work for a Scottish SME – that is a commercial / industrial organisation with less than 250 employees turning over less than £43M/year.

If your organisation meets those basic criteria then I will likely be able to come and visit you on site – anywhere in Scotland – to assess the way in which you are currently consuming energy, to evaluate the building(s) in which you operate, audit the energy purchasing agreements, look at waste and recycling opportunities, consider the use of water in your business and then provide you with a detailed technical report outlining the measures available to you to reduce costs and cut carbon emissions.

And all of this is – free of charge –  get in touch.

I have completed nearly 150 Resource Efficient Scotland assignments so far and worked with organisations as diverse as the National Trust for Scotland to McPhersons Transport (you’ll have seen their blue trucks around the country) to Young’s Seafoods to One SubSea and Swire in the oil sector as well as hotels, nursing homes, community /social enterprises – the list is endless (well it’s nearly 150 long!) throughout Scotland.

These clients join the (literally) hundreds of organisations for whom I worked on behalf of the Carbon Trust and Action Energy since before this whole sector became trendy – wow the tonnes of carbon – and tonnes of money – saved fairly stack up!

What does a Resource Efficient Scotland report include?

Typically the report provides an over-view of your current position and then a Plan of Action, costed and with payback against investment figures calculated for each measure identified so you can make some informed choices.  So that might be specifying a new heating system, generating lighting designs and specifications and taking these to market, or looking at the possibilities for incorporating renewables into your business energy mix.

Resource Efficient Scotland have re-launched their wonderful SME Interest Free Loan Scheme – offering up to £100,000 for energy efficiency projects – ask me about it.

Do you run a company in Scotland?  Are you concerned about saving energy and money?  Do you want to reduce your carbon emissions?  

Call me on 01466 751411        or email me

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