ISO 50001 Specialist

IRCA 6032002 – Stewart King – Provisional Auditor

What does that mean then?  Well, it means that I can provide advice / assistance to any organisation interested in certifying to ISO50001 to ensure they are ready for the certification process.

I will also be developing my auditing experience so that in time I can qualify as a Lead Auditor in my own right at which stage I will be able to work for the Certification Bodies to provide 3rd party audits and recommend certification or otherwise.

Hang On – what if you don’t know what ISO50001 is?

OK so ISO50001 is a voluntary, international energy management standard that identifies, prioritises and records opportunities for improving energy performance across an organisation.  

The standard requires organisations to continually assess energy management systems (EnMS) which means monitoring energy use and so unlike ESOS which is once every 4 years allowing for short term focus then forget it till the next phase, ISO50001 ensures organisations keep their eye on the ball all the time.  

It is about much more than simple compliance.  It brings discipline to the management of energy and formalises energy efficiency improvements.

Where an organisation is already working to ISO90001 and ISO14001 adding ISO50001 seems to be a fairly straightforward exercise as the management systems are already integrated.  
For multi-national companies it seems especially well suited as the standard is internationally recognised and adopted.
One key element is Senior Management Commitment.  
Being certified to ISO50001 is one route to compliance with ESOS which is something to bear in mind when forward planning for the next 3 phases of ESOS (2019 / 2023 and 2027).
If you are interested please email me or phone +44 (0)1466 751411