Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) – Stewart is an ESOS Lead Assessor

So if you know about ESOS chances are you are either a fellow Lead Assessor or one of the many thousands of eligible organisations, that is not an SME and having >250 employees and/or turnover >£43M/year.

Phase 1 ran from Dec.2014 – May 2016 over-running the original 5th December 2015 deadline by several months due to extensions granted by the Environment Agency to late-comers – their generosity has apparently begun to run out and I understand they are starting to levy fines against those organisations who still fail to comply – sadly I do not know who they are or I would offer my services – maybe you are one of these “free riders” and want to attain compliance – please get in touch.

Although data gathering – that is ensuring you have 12 months continuous energy consumption data which includes December 2018 – for Phase 2 cannot even begin until January 2018 there seems to be a shift change in momentum wit many of my ESOS clients telling me they are being pestered to sign p for Phase 2 assessments with some “consultancies” even stating that they can guarantee compliance with Phase 2 – which is a tad surprising as the requirements of Phase 2 have not actually been set out in writing as yet.  Phase 2 may well simply mirror Phase 1 but at this stage, with audits still taking place on Phase 1 submissions, no-one knows and therefore the sensible advice is, yes do ensure your filing systems and energy data is in order so that you have robust records of energy use in buildings, processes and transport – but to coin a phrase – KEEP CALM – it’s way too early to worry about Phase 2.

I personally took 19 organisations through Phase 1 to full compliance – mostly in my capacity as Lead Assessor but also on behalf of organisations such as the Carbon Trust and Accenture as they did not have the necessary expertise and capacity in-house.  None of my compliance submissions have failed audit or required any remedial action.

So Phase 1 was interesting and somewhat hectic towards the end (massive understatement!).  I would rather that Phase 2 was a wee bit more organised and composed – and given that any organisation which was involved in Phase 1 is likely to have systems in place this should be the case – which means that in theory I will have some spare capacity to take on new clients as well as dealing with my existing portfolio, most of whom have already committed to retaining my services for Phase 2.

If ESOS affects your organisation and you want to get some sensible, tangible and no-nonsense advice please do not hesitate to contact me.