Energy Training

Energy Training – Staff Awareness

Energy Training – why does it matter?  Almost every business comprises 3 core elements – BuildingsEquipment (incl. Transport and Processes) and People.

Let’s think about the People element of your business here – they are after all the lifeblood of your organisation – but many people working for an organisation give little or no thought to the way in which they use energy within their day to day working lives.  This can form a key element of the ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme) reporting process.

I can assist in changing the way your people think about energy through Energy Training and Staff Awareness training.

  1. Staff Awareness Training – where I try to ensure that the people who work for you understand their role in Energy Saving.
  2. Energy Training – where I provide guidance to enable you to carry out surveys yourself.

Staff Awareness Training

Over the years I have been contracted to provide Staff Awareness Training both in the UK and overseas to businesses looking to develop energy efficiency programs. 

This might involve my delivering a 1-hour – entertaining (he says hopefully) – lunch-time presentation, for example to Total Oil & Gas and also Fisheries Research Organisation (both in Aberdeen) speaking to 30-50 employees ranging from cleaning staff to senior management.  These lunch-time sessions are light-weight but informative and always linked to energy use at home so that attendees take away something of value not just to the business but to themselves – engaging them in the corporate efficiency drive and saving them money personally – a major key to ensuring employees have ownership over energy at work! 

I have also spoken to businesses for the Carbon Trust at the Business Environment Partnership North East on the subject of “How Small Businesses Can Reduce Energy Waste”.

Addressing a large audience - energy training

Energy Training

Energy Training is a different animal altogether – requiring a minimum of 2 days and often spread over somewhat longer periods – and this is where I give you or your representatives the basic grounding in carrying out internal energy assessments.  

Depending on what you require for your business we might look at:

  • Where energy is used in the business;
  • Basics on energy supply, billing, metering and monitoring (including bill and meter reading);
  • Benchmarking – where your business sits in your specific sector;
  • Energy awareness amongst personnel;
  • The Energy Audit – using the “Matrix”;
  • Energy management;
  • Reporting;
  • Sources of assistance.

Then we move onto the ‘meaty stuff’ to enable attendees to carry out their own audits and surveys, or you are a Manager, to draw up a specification for others to carry out the task.

energy training can be an intensive classroom experience

Energy Training Outcomes

On completion of this training attendees should be able to:

  • Set up basic monitoring and targeting:
  • Benchmark both internally and externally;
  • Read and interpret meters and energy bills effectively;
  • Carry out a basic Energy Survey of their organisation;
  • Audit a process or energy consuming entity by breaking usage into manageable components;
  • Assess the energy management structure of their organisation;
  • Report their findings effectively – and identify priority areas, presenting cost-effective solutions with payback and ROI calculations.

Who Should Attend?  Well my courses have included engineers, managers, some students, guys looking to change direction in their career – there is no formulaic delegate – nor indeed standardised course – I leave that to the big guys – but if you want to develop something highly specific to your business give me a call or drop me an email –

Courses are charged based on my standard day rate so if you have four employees attending they will be charged the same as if you attend on your own – economy of scale.  I am quite sure you can work out the benefits to your business.

Track Record – I was honoured to be contracted to provide training for engineers from the Bahrain National Electricity Company and Kuwait Oil Company so that they could work as “in-house” energy consultants – my thanks to IIR Gulf for a wonderfully productive week in Dubai.  I would also like to thank Renaldo in Trinidad for taking on my services – a most interesting assignment – just a shame that electricity is so cheap in Trinidad that few people care about waste.

Closer to home I have helped establish Mark Le Lay in his consultancy in Jersey and also Dave Armstrong with his Carbon Consulting Company in Manchester – both thriving companies providing quality industrial / commercial energy saving advice and services.  In Dave’s case he has also developed the UKs first carbon neutral business park so well done Dave.  Check out the project here:

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