Scottish Government Grants / Finance

Grow a greener business with the SME Loan Scheme. Interest-free. Unsecured. From Scottish Government. 

The Scottish Government are doing their bit to assist SMEs in Scotland implement energy efficiency by providing an interest free loan to cover the supply and installation of a wide variety of measures.

By way of example, I helped Huntly Golf Club secure full funding for the replacement of an old and inefficient heating system with a fantastic wood pellet (biomass) boiler last year and this year I am working with Sainsbury’s Furniture and Carpets in Aberdeen to replace their entire store lighting with LEDs to cut electricity bills by over 80%.

The loan is offered through Resource Efficient Scotland – and currently up to £100,000 interest free is available to SMEs for the Supply & Installation of energy efficiency measures.  Ask me about it or visit the RES website linked below.