Energy Surveys

How do you actually know if your business wastes energy?  Trust me – it does.

I have yet to visit a business premises where there are no opportunities to save energy and money.  Waste is endemic for a variety of reasons.

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So, why would you want to engage a professional Energy Consultant to carry out an Energy Survey of your business?

Primarily to reduce your energy costs / operating overheads.  

The price of energy is pretty much always going up and so everything that I can do to reduce energy consumption will be of benefit to your bottom line.  

So I investigate the buildings you occupy, the heating and ventilation, lighting, controls, processes, human behaviour patterns, use of water, anything really that contributes to your energy costs and then I report my findings in a simply presented document written in “Plain English” which I will discuss with you to generate an Action Plan.

For those of you in the know I can confirm that my surveys are in line with the European Standard on Energy Audits:  EN16247 and I operate to the Energy Institute Code Of Conduct.

You might also commission an energy survey to evaluate the use of Renewable Energy in your business:

  • is it feasible?
  • will it show payback within a reasonable period of time for your business?
  • are there financial incentives from Government for which your business is eligible?

Your reason for engaging with an energy survey may be for your Green Credentials – more and more businesses are aware of their corporate obligations to reduce environmental impact – this may be shareholder driven or supply chain driven or customer driven but whatever – these are entirely valid reasons for cutting carbon emissions from your business operation.

The final reason for commissioning someone like me to look at your business energy use is that I am impartial, I have no axe to grind for any supplier, I have no vested interest in your specific business or any part of it – other than helping you become more streamlined in terms of energy use.

What could I find to improve in your business? 

Some energy waste is obvious – steam leaks for example or the annoying hiss of escaping compressed air, lights on in empty rooms, steam leaks and so forth – but for most industrial / commercial properties a professional Energy Survey is an essential step towards identifying opportunities for savings.  We are trained to see things that you don’t – and ask silly questions, like “why?????”

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The published literature shows that at least 20% of all energy used by business is wasted, although other research puts this figure much higher – at around 40% – and it has been established that the UK alone loses over 668,000MJ of energy every year (equivalent to nearly 50,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and accounting for over 10% of total energy losses from European buildings).

I have yet to visit a business with no energy savings available and 20%+ is often readily achievable from a range of fairly simple measures – and this includes some ultra new, shiny buildings that really shouldn’t have been improve-able but most definitely were.

Here is a quote from a happy customer – “Just to let you know following your report sometime ago – the water charges have ceased with even last years refunded – all this makes a great difference as it is now £1000 pa – until your report we had no idea!”  Julian Watson – Banff Castle.  He didn’t know where to look but I did and my survey paid for itself in that one item of saving – at least 3 times over!!!

All of this represents a fantastic opportunity to reduce your business overheads – and increase profits since making energy savings is generally much easier than, for example, generating new sales.

And when you are well advised it is also low risk and comes with guaranteed return on investment.

You may even qualify for a free survey if you are based in Scotland.

As a Technical Consultant for Resource Efficient Scotland I can work for you without charge provided you are a Scottish business with a real interest in reducing your energy bills.

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