Marching On Together – I Love Leeds United

Bielsa – ok – have to confess total ignorance – done some Googling and yeah he looks like he is the biz.  Certainly the Stoke and Derby matches got my juices running. I have not seen Leeds play like that since – err not sure actually – wowzer – exciting, pressing, high line, quick to… Read more »

GDPR – Stewart has a Policy

In line with the new GDPR I have a policy setting out what I do with your data.  Read it at your “leisure”.

Bad News For Scottish Building Owners / Managers

BREAKING NEWS on Scottish EPCs From April 2015 and enforced from October any building which falls into F or G rating on an EPC will require an “Action Plan” to be prepared prior to any new lease being signed.   This will include a number of prescribed improvements which should increase the EPC rating.  … Read more »