Bad News For Scottish Building Owners / Managers


From April 2015 and enforced from October any building which falls into F or G rating on an EPC will require an “Action Plan” to be prepared prior to any new lease being signed.  

This will include a number of prescribed improvements which should increase the EPC rating.  

All improvements must be financially viable and implemented within 3.5 years.  

Building owners / managers should act now to ensure that any “at risk” assets are accurately assessed and that any EPCs due to expire around 2018 are not likely to fall below the minimum standard when reassessed.  

Around 18% of the commercial property market is believed to be below the minimum standard and it seems that a number of historic EPCs are not truly representing the current state of the asset due to inaccurate assessment in the first place.

This is truly adding value to the service that you can get from your Non-Domestic Energy Assessor but the trouble is that not everyone can give you this added value – you need to select an assessor with experience in identifying energy saving opportunities – not just ticking boxes.  Give me a call if this affects your building stock – 01466 751411 – or email